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Teen Therapy

What is teen counseling (therapy)?


Teenagers experience unique challenges, that they need to navigate

during the adolescent years.

They may experience difficulties related to identity, school, relationships, and authority as they begin to define themselves as adults. The teen years mark the beginning of significant emotional, social, biological, and intellectual changes. With all these changes taking place, it is normal for teenagers to try on different roles or masks to see what fits them. These different roles can include experimentation with morals and values, clothing styles, social groups, music preferences, religion, substances, and sexuality. For parents, this can be an exhausting time as your child’s mood is constantly changing and the arguments, silences, and boundary testing sets in leaving you feeling frustrated and stuck. Although adolescence can be a trying time, it can also be a time filled with newness and excitement as you see your child journey from childhood to adulthood.



With all these pressures some teens need to work with a counselor to help them work through some of the following issues:


  • Sadness

  • Irritability

  • Anger

  • Loss of interest in activities they usually enjoy

  • Worthlessness

  • Over sleep or under sleep

  • Loss in concentration

  • Grief & loss

  • Low self-esteem

  • Family issues

  • Depression

  • Frequent headaches or physical problems


When not attended to, these issues can have a negative effect on the adolescents’ sense of purpose and identity.



Counseling helps teenagers to:


  • Develop a strong sense of identity

  • Express emotions

  • Communicate needs

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Define values

  • Establish personal boundaries

  • Gain other life skills to set the adolescent up for success

       academically, emotionally and socially.



How does Teen Counseling Work?


Teen counseling sessions can be one-on-one, on the phone or on skype.


You or your teen contact me at a prearranged time for a free Discovery session lasting 30 minutes. During that time I will explore what brings the teen to me, what they have been struggling with, and what their therapy goals and concerns are, and if we are a good “fit” for each other.


Once the goals are established, I will work with the teen to learn new coping mechanisms and explore the roots of the issues at hand, so that ultimately the teen will be happier and better able to function during these difficult years.


I work one on one with clients once a week or more, depending on their needs.


The parents play an important role because I believe you know your child best. So I will check in with you from time to time to see how you feel your teen is doing.


Sessions are completely customized to meet your teen’s current needs and goals. Each session is focused on achieving these goals, and providing them with support and compassion.




"We connect through our sameness & grow through

our differences!"

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