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Corina's Bio

Corina empowers couples, teens and families to create remarkable relationships, and lead a balanced life by learning to love and accept themselves, finding their own inner strength and teaching them powerful communication skills.

Using cutting edge tools of psychology Corina creates a unique and tailored solution to help her clients transform their lives and their relationships. The result is they develop strong self-esteem and powerful communication skills which help them create remarkable relationships and a balanced life.

Corina has a natural affinity to connect with people, and has a deep sense of empathy and understanding. Her training as a hypnotherapist, family therapist and counselor place her in a unique position to help her clients achieve faster, long lasting results. Her extensive life experiences, ranging from an abusive relationship, to the challenges and excitement of living in different countries and cultures, to crosscultural marriage and raising a blended family place her in a unique position of helping others reach their goals and change their lives. Her interest and passion lie within the human psyche, the power of the subconscious mind, and the human ability and power to heal and make changes from within. Corina helps her clients move beyond old thinking
and behaviour patterns and helps them see their own inner strength and the power of choice. 

Corina incorporates twenty years of teaching and adult education in her coaching and therapy practice, empowering clients to focus on forward movement and development. She engages in a co-participatory manner and devotes all her intellect, experience and caring to assist her clients.



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