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"C" - In the Logo Explaned

The “C” was originally a full circle symbolising the brain, with the arrows symbolising the conscious and unconscious mind. I used this as a shorthand notation when taking notes during classes and lectures, or while studying. The name was intended to be “Conscious & Subconscious Mind Solutions”. This just seemed too long to put on a business card, or even to say, for that matter! So I made it just “Mind Solutions”! The arrows still symbolise the conscious & subconscious, and somehow the circle became a “C”. 

Figuring that nobody would know the meaning of the full circle, I
thought it may as well be a C, since my name starts with a C, so
decided to stick with it!

So, there it is - the whole thing means “Conscious & Subconscious
Mind Solutions” with a little reminder of me in there!

Hope you like it!

Best Regards,


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