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Family Therapy
Family Therapy
Your family and social relationships are vital for your health and well being. Life is so much better when you can get on with your mom or dad, step mom or step dad, children or step children, siblings or step siblings – and let’s not even mention the in-laws! 


All families are unique and beautiful in their own way, each facing their own special challenges. Whether you are a single parent, step-parent, blended family, parents of teens, or a family in transition due to divorce, relocation or remarriage, I offer you guidance, support and non-judgemental assistance to find solutions that are right for you and your family.

Through family therapy I help you to ...

- Learn to communicate more effectively and make positive changes that

  create great relationships in your home 

​- Become aware of and fully understand the dynamics of your family

​- Move in the same direction as a couple with the same goals in mind

​- Resolve conflicts

​- Know and understand how each member fits into the family

- Strengthen family bonds

- Develop boundaries and assertiveness

- Resolve conflicts

- Confront without blame

- Discipline children in a positive manner

- Build self esteem

- Create a safe, respectful environment

- Deepen understanding of oneself & others

- Solve problems so everyone gets their needs met


Therapy may involve only one, two or more family members - depending on who comes. I work with whoever comes to me. As a hypnotherapist, I may use hypnosis as a tool to help you achieve your goals more quickly and easily 

How does family therapy work?


Family therapy sessions can be one-on-one, on the phone or on skype. You contact me at a prearranged time for a free Discovery session lasting 30 minutes. During that time we will discuss your current life situation and work to understand your insights, feelings and goals, and decide whether we are a good “fit” for each other.  Thereafter, each session will last for 50 minutes and initially happen weekly.  


Each session is focused on achieving these goals, and providing you with support and compassion.  During therapy, I support and guide you, providing a safe space for you to address past and/or present issues, that may be holding you back now.  Once these issues have been addressed, you are able to heal, and gain new insights and perspectives which help you take the necessary steps to achieve inner peace and the changes you want in order to move forward in a positive direction.




"We connect through our sameness & grow through

our differences!"

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