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Teen Coaching


What is coaching for teens?


Coaching is about being the best that you were born to be! Life as a teenager is challenging. You are surrounded by everyone else'sopinions: parents, schools, universities, mates, friends, TV the Internet,etc. The big question is: how do you find your own path? Throughcoaching you will discover how to tap into your own inner warrior,discover who you really are, and learn to guide yourself to makeinformed choices and decisions, create remarkable relationships andlearn powerful communication skills that will positively impact your life.



With all these pressures teenagers often:


  • become dissatisfied with their life

  • become depressed

  • feel anxious and overwhelmed by all their commitments

  • feel pressured to take risks for other people

  • get a little off track in terms of their dream

  • lack confidence to really stand up for themselves

  • rebel


Often teenagers can’t see through the thick forest of comparison, doubt and uncertainty. Imagine having someone to talk through all this stuff with.



Coaching helps teenagers to:


  • Learn how to set goals and how to achieve them

  • Build self-confidence

  • Develop a sense of self

  • Become strong, confident and effective decision makers

  • Take ownership and learn to be accountable for their actions

  • Effectively manage relationships

  • Be more focused

  • Fine tune their academic and organisational skills

  • Discover their own inner strength and power



Teen Coaching helps parents to:


  • Strengthen communication and reduce conflict

  • Have more loving relationships with their teens

  • Reduce the everyday stress of parenting


and teens to:


  • Overcome problems at school and with friends

  • Become skilled at making good decisions

  • Learn to communicate effectively and resolve conflict.



How does Teen Coaching Work?


Teen coaching sessions can be one-on-one, on the phone or on skype. 

You or your teen contact me at a prearranged time for a free Discovery session lasting 30 minutes. During that time I will explore what brings your teen to me, what they are struggling with, what their coaching goals and concerns are, and if we are a good “fit” for each other.

Once the goals are established, I will work with your teen to learn new coping mechanisms, so that they will be happier and better able to function during these difficult years.

I work one on one with clients once a week or more, depending on their needs.

Parents play an important role because I believe you know your child best. So I will check in with you from time to time to see how you feel your teen is doing.

Sessions are completely customized to meet your teen’s current needs and goals. Each session is focused on achieving these goals, and providing them with support and compassion.




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