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Parent Coaching


Are you:


  • Frustrated with constant conflict, struggle, attitude, miscommunication and chaos in your home.  


  • Questioning your parenting decisions?  


  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with crazy-making behaviour and teenage antics?  


  • Feeling like you and your partner are on different pages when it comes to discipline? 


  • Feeling like you have no time or energy left to take care of yourself and your relationship with your partner?



At one time or another, every parent answers YES to these questions. My job is to help in those times when parents feel stuck.



Through coaching I help you to ...


  • Gain improved parenting skills


  • Learn a variety of techniques to manage day to day challenges


  • Make parenting decisions based on mindful reason, rather than reaction


  • Gain greater understanding of your teens development


  • Learn to prevent problems before they escalate


  • Discover or recover your strength to be a confident happy parent 


  • Feel like you’re a team with your partner


  • Create more balance in your life


  • Enjoy parenting teens




What is parent coaching?


We spend years going to school and university to gain degrees that prepare us for our careers, but nobody prepares us to be parents - especially of teens!  Just when we think we’ve got this “parenting thing” sorted, they go and change everything and we need to start all over again! At least, that’s how it feels.  As parents, we need encouragement, direction, and at times, even correction.  This is what you get from a parent coach! Often we feel alone and isolated and not sure what we are doing is right - even more so if we are away from friends and family.  


If you are looking to balance your personal, family and work life, individual parent coaching may be for you. Whether you are  having struggles with your children,  you find yourself too tired to be the best parent you can be,  or if you feel overworked and weighed down with all the responsibilities of managing kids, career and home, I offer guidance, support  and accountability to help you become a healthier you. Find your perfect balancing point and upgrade your life with my support. 


How does Parent Coaching Work?


Parent coaching sessions can be one-on-one, on the phone or on skype. You contact me at a prearranged time for a free Discovery session lasting 30 minutes. During that time we will explore what you are struggling with, what your coaching goals and concerns are, and if we are a good “fit” for each other.

I work one on one with clients once a week or more, depending on their needs. Sessions are completely customized to meet your teen’s current needs and goals. Each session is focused on achieving these goals, and providing you with support and compassion.





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